Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing is our reality

Reality in a big family is sharing. And sharing space is something we have to do too. This room is for 2 of my girls that I recently painted. I don't have a before picture but just picture lots of dark purple and butterflies. The beds don't match but they were $10.00 a piece off Craigslist. I was thinking about painting them white but I am kind of liking the dark wood. The bedding was gifts for Christmas this past year. (clearance at Target shabby chic line) The doll house is big and was made for me when I was little by my grandfather. It takes up a lot of room but I can't part with it yet, and one of my girls in this room is 5 so she enjoys it.

The cute white vanity was found at a cosignment store for about $40.00. I have a pre teen so we have to have a little Justin Bieber mixed in too.

It was hard to take a picture of this curtain panel because of the light but it is really soft and flowy tuelle. I got it off Amazon before Christmas. I put it in my shopping cart and checked it every couple of days until the price went below $20.00.

I made these banners (above each girl's beds) out of a vintage pillow case I got at the thrift store for 50 cents. I am lazy about sewing so I just hot glued it! (I know, the shame!) This room is tiny and does have a closet that I didn't show that I removed the doors and just used white sheets. Another corner has a small cabinet with a stereo (you know so they can listen to Justin Bieber). I am still on the fence about painting the beds. What do you think? Have a great day !!


Stay Sew Creative said...

Yesterday, when I was looking at blogs I saw somewhere (of course, now I have no idea where) a creative use for a dollhouse. The dollhouse was sitting on brackets that were mounted on the wall and the dollhouse was placed with the open part facing out. They used the rooms as shelves. I think that this particular one was in a laundry room. Found it:

Tha author doesn't put the original source of the photo, so I'm not sure where it came from originally. But, I saw that and thought it was a great way to reuse a dollhouse.

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

I would keep the beds dark. You have such pretty white linens in there that it balances it out nicely!

Amy said...

I think I have that picture of the dollhouse used as a shelf saved on my computer lol! I figure when the 5 year old gets tired of it I'll find some use for it! Nicki, I am thinking I will stay with dark beds too.

Angel said...

LOL, I saw that photo on a blog recently too. Was it over at Between You & Me? Love her blog! Great idea! Too bad our dollhouse is plastic. hehe.

I would definitely keep the bed frames the way they are. Rustic and charming amidst your vintage decor.