Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm still terrible at before and after pictures

I'm really terrible at taking blog pictures. I have no patience to make things just right. I want it done and ready to move on to the next thing! I need to slow down and do it right. But you won't have to worry about me staging anything. I don't have the patience to make every detail perfect. I have learned to let that go because a person would drive themselves crazy with everything being perfect with 7 kids. It can't happen. Just as soon as you make it perfect someone spills something, breaks something, throws up or something. It's true. I swear.
So, my blog pictures are very generic. I am working on that. But I am always hurrying along to get things done. I love pictures so I will work on it. Pinky swear. Anyway, here is the bed before. I had to prime that thing because it had a little bit of shine to it. But I think it looks much better white.
Madison (my oldest) got home Saturday night at midnight from her trip and ran up the stairs to see her room. She loved it! I was so happy. Then I warned her to mess it up would bring the wrath of MOM after her. Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts. Glad I got pictures of it clean anyway.
Here is that cabinet before I painted it white. I know, boring right? But it does look better. One thing I am proud of that this whole makeover was very frugal. My total cost : mirror at goodwill-11.00, blinds-11.50, headboard lamp-9.00, wall paint-(oops paint)6.00, just got a bed skirt at consignment shop-5.00 and a quart of primer-6.00, craigslist bed-30.00 $79.50! All the white paint was left over from other projects so I could count that in the cost but I didn't. Not bad for a room makeover. She still loved her bedding so that saved me a bundle. So on to the next project and back to school today. Have a great day!

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Kim K. said...

Your daughter's bedroom is just fabulous. What girl wouldn't want to hang out in that room all the TIME!! Super job. I haven't said it enough, but I'm impressed that you pull off with all your 7 kiddos. Seriously, I can barely handle 2.

Happy Monday!