Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Mt. Everest

I homeschool 2 of my kids this year. We make decisions year to year about school. They really like homeschool and really like public school. Next year I will only have a kindergartner and a preschooler. Anyway, I am doing 1st and 3rd grade this year. We usually do science and social studies together in reading or projects. This past week we talked Geography and about Mt. Everest. I found this kit several years ago on clearance at Target and we finally put it together!
I made them keep it in the box til it dried. That white stuff was thick and sticky like concrete! But it was fun and now they know what Mt. Everest is and where it is!
If I go into town and drive by Goodwill I stop. You can go there 10 times and find nothing and then bam! you find things. So I will take 5 minutes and run thru once a week. I have been collecting this particular swirl pattern of Johnson Bro. ironstone and was happy to find more saucers.
This cute little pitcher is really heavy glass and I just imagined it for lemonade this summer.
Ok, I have NO Easter decorations. We color eggs and the Easter bunny comes but I just don't normally put out decorations. But I saw this big ceramic bunny and he was pretty cheap. (Kim K. I thought of you!) So I grabbed him and he is sitting on my table but might move to the mantle this weekend. I am just crossing my fingers that he doesn't lose his ears from a flying ball or a swinging golf club before Easter! Have a great day!

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Kim K. said...

Super job on Mt. Everest and nice score on your thrifty items. Best wishes keeping Mr. Bunny safe. He's a keeper.

Happy Thursday!