Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adding to my addiction of silverplate

I couldn't pass up this set on Craigslist.For some reason I am really drawn to silver plated items these days. They are so beautiful and elegant and vintage, but not pure silver so affordable. In fact, I have been getting some incredible pieces for great deals lately. This complete set came with the box!

I think the monogram is a "C" which doesn't fit our family, but who cares? They are beautifully made by Old Company Plate. Somebody with a "C" must have loved them sometime! I figure I can barely buy a stainless steel set nowadays for what I paid for this. I might hold on to them, they might get sold sometime. Who knows with me.

There are several serving pieces in the set too. I could hold Easter lunch and look all professional and elegant right? Have a great day!


Angel said...

That is gorgeous! Especially the pretty serving pieces. I don't think it matters that the monogram doesn't fit our family. It's still beautiful. Great find!

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