Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kid's bath thrifty decor that actually worked!

Last fall I did a quick fix on the kid's bathroom because it was looking pretty sad. We still would like to do a major overhaul but that's not on the radar right now. I bought a new shower curtain at Target and decided that I would paint to match something on the main wall. I drew a big tree and used leftover white paint I had leftover to fill it in.

The pictures are not good. It's a small bath with no window so not ideal for taking pictures. Anyway, I didn't want to paint all the details on the tree because I am not the best artist. I decided I would use scrapbook paper. I just cut them out from a pattern I drew and glued them on the wall with Elmer's school glue! I figured if they started falling off I would buy wallpaper adhesive. Not one has fallen off! Yeah for you elmer's glue! I figured they would because of the humidity but not one leaf! Sorry about the pics but it's the best I could do in that room. Have a great day!


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

That is so adorable!!

Kim K. said...

I have a thing for owls, toadstools and anything woodland looking. Your bathroom is darling.

Anonymous said...

Love it.....how clever you are!

My House, My Garden said...

I made a tree for my daughter's room also a while back. She loves it! Yours is awesome.
I am enjoying reading your blog.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the sweet comment.
Being a new blogger, it means so much!
I am a new follower of yours.