Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New favorite sign..

Sorry for the short post today but we are soo busy getting everybody signed up and trying out and done with school this week. Next week is spring break for us! I thought I would show you a cute new sign that I got at a flea market a few weeks ago that I hung in my dining room. We have a small side wall in there that is chalkboard and I hung it at the top. With 7 kids, I don't have time to be a short order cook so I put that up there as a reminder. I have some other cute signs that I will show you around the house soon. We've had this chalk board wall for about 4 years and we still like it. I did it because we had a toddler that colored on this wall not once but twice with permanent marker. Now chalkboard walls are the in thing so we fit in! I just painted that quirky trim but would like to trim out the wall someday. Probably won't happen since it has all ready been 4 years since I painted it! Have a great day!


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

LOVE it! My kids all think they can place "orders" for their meals so I totally understand!!

Kim K. said...

Very cool sign. I especially love the chalk board wall.

Amy said...

Thanks guys! It's a new sign but I like that they put that vintage housewife on there. I need to get one of those things to tie up my hair and maybe a wooden spoon to carry around here lol!