Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random ramblings on a Thursday

This is where we are spending every night of the week. We have 4 baseball teams going and a soccer team right now! It's fun but exhausting. And the gas prices are killing me driving everywhere!

I made this cake for my youngest daughter's birthday because she requested a princess cake this year. I was reading the directions and she picked up the directions and acted like she was reading. She informed that Step 1 said to cover the doll's boobs. Ha!

This was last summer from my veggie garden. That is a zuchinni. I am hoping to get another good crop this year and started planting some veggies this week! I hope I don't run out of steam come July. Have a great day!


My Vintage Mending said...

Amy I feel your pain with baseball. We are constantly running to a practice or tournament. My daughter does softball as well. I love it, but it is still chilly and with school in session I would prefer to handle one thing at a time. Don't get me started on the cost of gas! Wish I could cover in frosting! Renee

Kim K. said...

You are one busy busy lady. I love that barbie cake. I had one just like it many many many many years ago.

Kim K. said...

Amy - Emma drew your name this evening. I've got Easter goodies coming your way but I need a postal address. You can email me at

Have a great weekend!