Thursday, April 21, 2011

Projects this week

OK, I am not doing many home projects right now. In fact, if I get dinner and the laundry done I am doing good. We are a big sports family. All the kids are very active in sports and this is one of our busy seasons. So I have to mix in kids sports and home projects in this blog. Those go together don't they?

We have 4 baseball teams and a travel soccer team going right now. Next month we throw in a few cheer practices to get ready for camp too. I am a homebody so I get ansy sometimes running around so much. My husband played some college football and LOVES sports so he helps a lot when he is in town.

This is my 7th grader! He wears a size 13 man shoe. It blows my mind that he is so much bigger than me all ready. He is tall and slender but eats 24/7. I wish I had that metabolism.

The 2 smallest play on the playgrounds at every field and in the rocks. They love it. This summer this little cutie is starting dance lessons. Believe me she is sassy enough to handle it.

Sometimes I wonder if this is all worth the running around. But the kids love it and are in great shape. They have made lots of friends and maybe one day something will help pay for somebody to go to college. You never know. And with 7 going to college someday, anything could help! Have a great day!

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Kim K. said...

You must feel like a taxi with all your running to practices. This is the first year that Emma isn't doing spring soccer. Theater and music took over. Based on Josie's need to constantly MOVE...with doctor's approval... I want to get her started with something. Best wishes juggling it all!! Great pics of your kiddos.