Monday, February 28, 2011

First post and cute finds!

Hello! I am Amy the mother of 7 and I love vintage. I found these cute pairs of woooden Dutch clogs while out treasure hunting and thought they were unique.

These are even stamped on the bottom made in Holland and I believe they are handpainted. The cute swirls are burned into the wood.

I am brand new to blogging and don't have the layout and picture thing down. So if it's hard to read and follow sorry about that! I am thinking about opening a etsy shop just for my vintage finds so they don't take over the house and I will let you know if that happens. I love to redo furniture and dabble in crafts so that might become a theme around here too. Hopefully I won't be too all over the place. Until next time!


raggygirlvintage said...

Hi Amy, these are too cute, my husband is part dutch and would love these. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love all the treasures you've gathered on your mantel, and I believe craigslist chic could stick!! Does your heart beat a little faster when you enter a thrift store, mine does!!
I wasn't able to get into your "post a comment" on your other posts, only this one...
Looks like I'm your first follower, lucky me, I can see we have lots in common, although I only have 3 kids!!

Amy said...

Well I am sure I did something wrong that you could't get into my other comments but thanks for posting on here! I am really new and not very good at navigating yet. And yes I love thrift stores and the hunt! Thanks for being my first follower!